Throwback Thursday | Tool Demo – Riverside

Riverside is an open-source network visualization tool designed to provide real-time network graph representations of live traffic between internal and external hosts. By capturing netflow and packet information in a database, users can analyze past network activities, enhancing situational awareness and gaining comprehensive insights into their network security posture. This tool complements existing solutions, offering valuable support for incident response, analysis, investigation, and accurate identification of assets within a network environment.

Kaitlyn DeValk, an active-duty Coast Guard officer, leads the development of Riverside while pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. With a background in vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, she brings a wealth of expertise to the project. Holding certifications such as GCIH, GPEN, and CISSP, Kaitlyn’s dedication to enhancing network security and situational understanding is evident, making Riverside a powerful utility for professionals seeking in-depth network analysis and monitoring capabilities.