Fun Things to Do In and Around Deadwood

The following list was put together with the help of the Black Hills Information Security employees who live in the Deadwood area. These folks generously donated time and attention to offer suggestions as to how Deadwood 2024 attendees might have a better experience in the Deadwood area. Thus, when you read this list, you’ll be getting an excellent idea of what the locals would recommend.

When planning your trip, the following links are great places to start:

Outdoor Activities

Visit Mount Rushmore. It’s main attraction to any trip to the Black Hills for a reason. Really a beautiful work of art. It’s worth paying to park and going to see it a bit closer. Don’t miss the video in the visitor’s center. You might also consider getting some candy at the Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop in Keystone.

Or head to Crazy Horse Mountain.

You might also consider heading over to Devil’s Tower, which is a little over an hour drive north from Spearfish, SD.

Go see Bridal Veil Falls or Roughlock Falls.

Spearfish Canyon

Drive through Spearfish Canyon. If the leaves are changing color, you’re in for a treat. There are also hiking trails here.

Hike to and then take an icy dip in Devil’s Bathtub. Be on the lookout for poison ivy!

Explore the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery on Spearfish Creek.

Hike Crow Peak Trail.

Check out Custer State Park. This place has tons of hikes, Needles Highway, fishing, and a wildlife loop for critter viewing. Needles Highway may be closed if there’s snow, since they don’t do maintenance in the winter season.

Hike Harney Peak/Black Elk Peak.

See if you can visit Jewel Cave and/or Wind Cave. These might be closed for the season by the time of the conference. If you are going to go to one of these caves, call ahead and check hours and tickets; some caves require advance notice and ticket purchase and have limited winter hours.

Hike or bike on the Mickelson Trail, which has a very nice, groomed gravel path. The Mickelson Trail was an old railroad that ran from the Northern Hills to the Southern Hills that was turned into a bike path.

Take a jaunt on the Centennial Trail.

Places to Visit in Deadwood and Lead

Homestake Opera House (Lead) – This place was built in 1914 by miners and featured in its day a swimming pool, bowling alley, and theater. Although it is still going through restoration, the host plays movies in the theater. The swimming pool and bowling alley no longer exist. They give tours, as well.

Lead Mining Museum

The Adams Museum (Deadwood) is a very cool museum that has a rich history of Deadwood.

The historic Adams House (Deadwood) was the first house in Deadwood with electricity before electric lines—it ran off of a generator.

Days of 76 Museum (Deadwood) – This museum has a great collection of old wagons and displays about the history in the area.

Check out Tatanka, an Indian/buffalo museum started by Kevin Costner.

Places to Visit in Hill City

1880 Train – This train runs between Hill City and Keystone.

Dinosaur museum – This is the group that found Sue, the most complete T-Rex.

Silver City – This is a cute, tiny town on Rapid Creek above Pactola Lake. From Silver City there is a beautiful trail that follows Rapid Creek up stream. The stream is supposed to have excellent fly fishing.

Places to Visit in Rapid City

Reptile Gardens

Bear Country – This is a drive-through wildlife park.

Geology Museum

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Local Events Happening around Wild West Hackin’ Fest:

As the event draws near, we will fill this with events happening around the same time as WWHF 2024!

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