WWHF has been around for a while now, and we’ve had some amazing times! Most of the time, we gather in Deadwood, SD, but we’ve had fun in other locations and virtually. Here are some archives of what has gone before.

  • Way West 2021

    In 2021, WWHF went west… WAY West, to Reno, NV! Way West 2021 was our first in-person conference post COVID, and it

  • Deadwood 2022

    WWHF 2022 saw people getting together again, with a reboot of the live conference and all the fun and games that go

  • Deadwood 2021 (Virtual)

    In 2021, everyone was still in lockdown due to the pandemic, so WWHF Deadwood went virtual, with courses, workshops, and presentations all

  • Deadwood 2020 (Virtual)

    The pandemic forced a lot of people to change how they did things, and WWHF was no different. To see the full

  • Deadwood 2019

    By 2019, WWHF was established as a cybersecurity conference with exceptional speakers, workshops, and good times for all! To see the full

  • Deadwood 2018

    This second WWHF had twice as many people show up as before. To see the full schedule of talks and other events

  • Deadwood 2017

    This was the very first WWHF event. No one had a clue what was being born with this first infosec conference in