Throwback Thursday | Why Developers Hate Infosec

“Why Developers Hate Infosec” explores the often tense relationship between developers and cybersecurity professionals. The talk addresses the reasons behind this friction, pointing out that security experts often break developers’ work and provide unhelpful, cryptic guidelines without clear solutions. To improve this dynamic, the speaker emphasizes the need for a change in attitudes and behaviors within the cybersecurity community, acknowledging their contribution to the problem. By fostering a partnership with clients and actively helping them mitigate vulnerabilities, the concept of “security as a service” can be elevated to new heights, offering customers effective options to enhance their security profiles.

Bronwen Aker, a cybersecurity professional with a diverse background, shares her insights in the talk. From her early exposure to computers and programming to transitioning into cybersecurity, she highlights the importance of constant evolution in the field. With a wealth of experience in web development and technical training, Bronwen now works in cybersecurity and holds various certifications, including GSEC, GCIH, and GCFE. She is actively involved in technical editing and support roles for reputable organizations like Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) and the SANS Institute. Through her expertise and experiences, Bronwen contributes to the conversation around improving the relationship between developers and cybersecurity professionals, fostering a more collaborative and effective approach to security matters.