Throwback Thursday | What’s Old is Gold

Brian Halbach presents a captivating talk at WWHF Deadwood 2022, focusing on the enduring effectiveness of older techniques in penetrating networks. As a seasoned pentester and having observed actual attackers, Brian highlights that simplicity can often yield impressive results in accessing a network. While newer exploits garner attention, he emphasizes the value of revisiting and understanding older attack methods that still find weak points in an organization’s defenses. Over time, security postures may evolve, leaving gaps in coverage for older types of attacks, making them viable avenues for infiltration.

The talk curates a collection of such attacks and techniques, drawing on insights from experienced security professionals who have witnessed the industry’s developments. Attendees are encouraged not to expect entirely “new” information but rather to remember the lessons of the past. Brian serves as a reminder that examining older attacks remains crucial and can inspire future security approaches. With an educational background in Information Technology Management and a Minor in Computer Science, Brian Halbach’s career journey from help-desk employee to Network Security Engineer and then to red teaming and penetration testing adds depth to his expertise. He uses his knowledge of systems, programming, and human behavior to deliver new insights during security testing. Brian’s passion lies in helping clients address their security challenges, finding answers, and uncovering solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of information security.