Throwback Thursday | Wireless Attack Killchain for N00bs

In “Wireless Attack Killchain for N00bs,” presented by Dennis Pelton at WWHF Deadwood 2022, the audience explores the security risks of ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks and gains insights into Wi-Fi hacking techniques. The talk begins with an overview of the 802.11 specification and the vulnerabilities present at each stage of the Wi-Fi communication process that can be exploited. Dennis then delves into the wireless attack killchain, covering everything from wireless reconnaissance through wardriving to hooking unsuspecting targets onto rogue access points using karma attacks and abusing the 802.11 spec for deauthentication capabilities.

Moving on, the talk explores attacks against the WPA suite, including half-handshake attacks and KRAck. The audience gains a comprehensive understanding of how these attacks can compromise wireless communications. The final phase of the killchain focuses on DNS spoofing as a means to redirect a target’s traffic to malicious endpoints. To counter these threats, Dennis discusses effective methods to stop the killchain before it even begins. With a background in devops automation and cloud security engineering, Dennis Pelton brings a wealth of experience to the topic. He is a passionate hacker, researcher, and tinkerer with over a decade and a half of experience in information security. His unique style blends security, automation, and compliance expertise, and in his spare time, he designs small electronics to automate attacks.