Throwback Thursday | A Case for Threat Informed Penetration Testing

Welcome to Dan DeCloss’ captivating YouTube video titled “A Case for Threat Informed Penetration Testing”! Recorded during his thought-provoking talk at Wild West Hackin’ Fest in Deadwood, SD, in October 2022, this presentation delves into the essential elements that go beyond the typical coverage of the MITRE ATT&CK framework or the OWASP Top Ten in penetration testing.

Dan challenges us to expand our mindset and adopt a more strategic approach that focuses on specific goals and overall ROI. Have you ever considered how “shifting left” or embracing a threat informed test plan can revolutionize your penetration testing practices? In this talk, Dan explores the concept of “shifting left” and its implications, offering valuable insights on how a threat informed approach can enhance the value and efficiency of your pentesting program.

Whether you’re a consultant or part of an internal security team, this talk is a must-watch for anyone seeking to optimize their security testing pipeline and maximize the benefits of their penetration testing efforts. Get ready to gain a fresh perspective on the art of penetration testing!