Come Hack with Us in the Wild West

Training, Wednesday & Thursday, October 25-26
Conference, Friday & Saturday, October 27-28
2017 ~ Deadwood ~ South Dakota


Lately we’ve had some trouble getting tickets for various security conferences. Some of them sell out in less than five minutes. What’s a team to do? Start our own!

Why western South Dakota? Because we live in one of the most beautiful (not to mention fun) places around! If you’ve been to the Black Hills you may understand, and if you haven’t been to the Black Hills, then you will after you come! Also, Deadwood is a great town that’s all set up for parties. We have a great venue, the Deadwood Lodge. And we decided to coincide our con with one of the biggest parties of the year, DeadWeird

The Focus

This conference is going to be about breaking things. Non-standard things. Often, this is called “Stunt hacking”. Or, it can be called hacking of the Internet of Things (IoT). The best example one hears about is hacking a toaster, or a fridge. Each of these exploits teach us all something about the type of testing we should be doing in our own organizations. It is these non-standard devices that are going to lead to the next wave of rampant security vulnerabilities that we’ll need to address and remediate. Unfortunately, we do not have a Patch Tuesday for these devices. Much like the Wild West, the IoT is a new frontier – it’s wild, untamed and full of amazing opportunities! Saddle up, grab your lasso, and join us for this adventure!

Why You Should Come

We want this conference to be the most hands on, activity driven con you’ve been to yet! Never worked with a JTAG? You will. Never done a single thing with Software Defined Radio? You will. We will be having an SDR village and a hardware hacking village, among some other great events. The skills you learn here will be directly applicable to your job immediately when you get back to work… or home.

Who’s Coming

Check out the speaker page – it’s being updating weekly!

What Else

So much, so much! We’ll release it as soon as we make more exciting and wonderful plans!