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Upcoming Hackin’ Casts:

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Which one of these is not like the others? {Can You Detect Abnormal Behavior?} | Erik Goldoff | 1 Hour 2022/04/20 13:00 ET 1 hour Register here If (or more likely when) breached, the quicker you can recognize abnormal activity, the quicker you can stop the attacker and minimize and mitigate damage. How do you recognize abnormal if you are not familiar with what normal looks like? Don’t make it easy for the bad guys! We’ll discuss a number of ways to baseline your environment, across a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and activities, so you can more effectively and more quickly recognize abnormal behavior that could lead to a cyber-security disaster.  
Erik Goldoff is a highly adaptable, motivated Information Technology professional with broad leadership, management, and consulting experience. His expertise is in IT Systems and Security, utilizing foundational knowledge and problem solving skills along with the ability to leverage current technology to provide cost effective solutions to meet business needs and regulatory compliance.

Specialties include: Proactive Cyber-Security around Threat Protection, Anti-Malware, PCI Compliance, Business Continuity, and IT Systems & Security Architecture

Current Certifications: CISSP, Forrester Zero Trust