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Deadwood Onsite Activities - Doc Brown loved labs, you will to! | Rick Wisser & Dave Fletcher | 1-Hour In this webcast we will discuss the hands-on activities that we have planned for the Deadwood conference this year. We have several labs and activities that are meant to introduce conference goers to technologies and attacks that they may not otherwise encounter. In addition, we have several holdovers from years past that have been very popular. If you are interested in coming to the conference and you would like to see what we have in store, please join us for this webcast!!

Speaker Bios:
David Fletcher has been working for Black Hills Information Security as a penetration tester and security analyst since 2015. He has spent most of his career working for the US Air Force and engaged in a variety of disciplines within the IT industry including boundary defense, web and application development, system administration, and offensive cyber research. David approaches penetration testing with a creative mind, treating each test as a puzzle and always exploring new methods of exploitation. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Information Security Engineering from the SANS Technology Institute. Outside of work, David enjoys playing the guitar, hunting, and fishing.

Rick Wisser has been with the Black Hills Information team since 2015. He is a penetration tester, security analyst, GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH), and a SANS NetWars Level 5 certificate holder. Rick has an associates degree in Electronic Technology and Computer Networking as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering. Prior to working for BHIS, Rick served in the Air Force along with working in blue team IT and contract manufacturing. His favorite aspects of security include mobile apps and hardware hacking, but most of all collaborating with customers to help make their networks more secure.

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8/25/202113:00 EDT1 hour
The Four Horseman of Risk Management | Nathan Sweaney | 1 Hour In the last few decades, the scientific community has discovered serious issues with the inability to reproduce studies in the social sciences. Several issues, described as the “four horsemen of irreproducibility,” threaten to destroy the authority and authenticity of the scientific method. This has disastrous consequences for society at a time when distrust for science and authority are at an all-time high. Within the infosec industry, similar issues plague the acceptance and understanding of risk management. Conflicting opinions, flawed examples, and bad assumptions are rife within training materials, vendor FUD, and social media. Even authoritative sources are misused and abused to defend arguments that are more religious than not. Business executives responsible for making risk decisions are left without any practical way to choose between differing opinions In this talk, we’ll outline four factors that threaten our industry’s ability to accurately, and reproducibly, assess risk. We’ll also explore how those issues are abused by key players in the industry and what we can do about it. Attendees will leave the presentation with specific ideas on how to recognize and avoid these fatal flaws in their efforts to assess and manage risk.

Speaker Bio: Nathan Sweaney works for Secure Ideas testing pens and consulting clients. He's been in the infosec industry for quite a while working with a wide range of clients and technologies. He's regularly told that he takes all of the fun out of things and is eager to argue about politics and religion. Nathan has a considerable amount of experience with point-of-sale environments and managing compliance regulations such as PCI. He excels at finding practical and operationally feasible approaches for businesses to mitigate threats and minimize compliance obligations. Hailing from the great state of Oklahoma, he hopes you'll all keep flying over it & leave us

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9/8/202113:00 EDT1 hour
Cloud Security: You're It! | Roger O'Farril | 1 Hour Are you a security practitioner who has suddenly been thrown into the world of cloud security and are confused by everything that is expected of you? No need to worry. This talk will go over some of the critical elements that you need to understand as you start your cloud security journey. We’ll cover where to start, what to pay attention to, and how you can trace a path to expand your cloud knowledge. As a bonus, we’ll show you in the AWS and Azure console some of the key native tools you need to understand.

Speaker Bio: Roger O’Farril is an information technology professional with 20 years of experience in a wide variety of IT areas with a specific focus on Information Security. Currently he is an Information Security Manager in the financial sector, heavily involved with the cloud security aspects of the move of workloads to public cloud, as well as leading a blue team responsible for incident response, forensics, security analytics, and other disciplines. His areas of expertise include cloud security, threat hunting, vulnerability management, digital forensics, and more.

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10/13/202113:00 EDT1 hour