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ELI5: x86_64 Exploit Development Fundamentals w/ John Ryan & Adrian Abdala (2-Hours) Do the phrases “exploit development” or “buffer overflow” intimidate you? Maybe you’ve only heard the words, but they sound too advanced to learn. Maybe you performed one or two buffer overflows while pursuing a certification, but you still don’t quite understand the underlying mechanics of compiled software exploitation.

In this 2-hour workshop-style webcast, we’re going to dive into key concepts of computer organization to learn how x86_64 Linux software journeys from C source code to become a functional program in computer memory – ready to be exploited.

Understanding those fundamentals, we’ll explore what it actually means to overflow a buffer, why we would want to do it, how to use knowledge of computer organization for theoretical exploitation, and how modern computers try to prevent you from doing so.

Finally, we’ll apply our knowledge by analyzing the vulnerable software, identifying its weakness, and developing a precise exploit to coerce it into executing commands of our choosing.

Note: This workshop is an excerpt from a larger-format training offering, which introduces computer organization and architecture, Linux exploitation, Windows exploitation, basic memory protection bypasses, public exploit modification, and basic shell-coding techniques.
10/14/202012:30 EDT2.5 hours