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Need justification for traveling to WWHF?

Your employer wants to know the ROI, why it’s worth time away from work, and why go if most of the talks are recorded.  Valid questions.  Hopefully, the below can help talk your way into the most hands-on conference in the industry.

Benefits of Attending WWHF

Education through Hands-on Labs

WWHF is the most-hands on conference in the industry. Studies show that you learn best by doing. Which is why we’ve built numerous labs, a Capture the Flag, Escape Room and so much more! Many are built in an environment that progressively increase in difficulty. So no matter the skill level, anyone can jump right in and begin learning. Or if you’re a seasoned professional you can quickly progress through to the more advanced stuff.

Education through Talks

WWHF is bringing in some of the best and brightest from the infosec industry for talks, training and workshops. With over 50 presentations on topics vetted by the community, you are able to target the one’s most relevant to your work. Speakers include actionable take-aways in their presentations that you can utilize as soon as you return to work.

Networking & Collaborative Insight

Have questions? Our community is very keen on sharing expertise, and we’ve created an environment that makes it easy to connect and interact with the best in the industry.

Sponsor Lab Interaction

The majority of sponsors at WWHF are also bringing hands-on labs. They aren’t just there to sell, but to educate as well. We’ve created an atmosphere where you can test out vendor tools that you otherwise couldn’t.

Continuing Professional Education (CPEs)

Need some of those? Yep, you get 16 CPE’s for attending the conference, and even more if you sign up for Workshops or the 2-day Training!

Keep Employees Happy with Low Cost Training

Ok, this one might be uncomfortable to discuss. But employee retention is a huge challenge in this industry. A great way to keep someone happy is to invest in them and develop their skills…and you (the employer) get to benefit from the knowledge gained!

Two lunches included

There is no other IT conference in the industry that includes daily lunch. I know it might seem small, but travel expenses add up and at WWHF you get more bang for your buck with the conference ticket!

*Bonus points if you offer to deliver a short presentation or Q&A for your colleagues to share learning and multiply the benefits of attendance