The Roundup: Cloud Pentesting

MC: Beau Bullock
Price: $0 (Free to Attendees)
Date: December 10, 2020
Time: Noon to 5PM EST
Topic: Cloud Pentesting
Call for Papers (CFP) Deadline: November 2, 2020
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This Roundup event will focus on practical knowledge related to penetration testing in the cloud. Over the last few years, organizations have increasingly seen compromise of sensitive data due to misconfigurations of cloud-based products and services. The perpetual evolution of cloud-hosting services seems to provide more and more opportunities for security misconfigurations. Indeed, the cloud is still a “Wild West” and needs some good ole’ fashioned wranglers to set it straight.

Not all training addresses cloud penetration testing from the perspective of both offensive and defensive teams. This Roundup, on the other hand, will feature presentations that speak to both teams. Gaining an understanding of offensive capabilities will help penetration testers adequately assess their clients who employ these services and will help cloud defenders understand the attack surface and risk companies face using cloud services.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you belong to the outlaws or to the sheriff’s posse, the Red Team or the Blue Team, you will find something of interest at this Roundup!

Join Beau Bullock, Senior Security Analyst and Penetration Tester at Black Hills Information Security, for this December’s Roundup event.


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