Meet the Town Folk

The Mayor
The Banker
The Deputy

The onliest thing you get from stradlin’ the fence is a sore backside
The Bandit
I’m your Huckleberry.
The Ranger
I know, I know. I’m on the tracks.
The Outlaw

I’ll make you famous.
The Prospector
The Shootist
If you’re looking for trouble, I’ll accommodate ya.
The Undertaker

Clock’s ticking, Bob. And I’m only getting older.
The Alchemist
Tendency to light things on fire.
The Blacksmith
If it ain’t working, hit it harder.
The Outback Joffaroo
The Postman
Special Delivery!
The Barkeep
What’ll you have? If it’s trouble, there’s the door, anything else, I’m your man.
The Ringmaster
This is my circus, these are my monkeys.
The Teller
Tell her what?
The Bookkeeper
Booked & Loaded
The Mapmaker
If you don’t know where you’re goin’, you’ll never get there.
The Moth
The Farmer
Weather’s lookin fair to middling but could use a rain.
The Kid
I like to dance, but not in the air.
The Gunslinger
El Diablo
Nothin’ personal amigo
The Six-String Slinger
The Dealer


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