Intro to Git for Security Professionals

Instructor: Ian Lee

Workshop Duration: 120 minutes


This workshop is to provide an overview and introduction to the version control system Git.

Git has grown tremendously in popularity over the past 15 years since it was released, helped along especially due to code hosting services including,, and These sites are where open source projects most commonly live. Any time that you hear about a new open source security tool being released, it is mostly likely to be found on one of these sites.

This workshop will help provide an introduction to security professionals that may have no background in software development, that would like to start using their favorite open source tool, or even more, to find ways to contribute back.

NO development experience is required, and participants will finish the workshop with the tools needed to make there first contribution the same day if they choose to.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone, but particularly those that have always wondered how to give back to their favorite open source project.


Ian Lee is a Computer Engineer and Cyber Assessment Coordinator in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL); home to some of the largest supercomputers on the planet, including Sierra, currently the #2 in the world with a performance of 94.6 Pflop/s. At LLNL, Ian has created a role performing cyber assessment, penetration testing, and purple teaming duties for the facility. Ian also has a strong background as a software developer, with a passion for the use and development of open source software and practices. He leads sustainment and outreach efforts of open source software produced by the laboratory. His personal mission is to always “leave things better than you found them.”