How to Give Technical Talks

Workshop Title:
How to Give Technical Talks

Workshop Duration:
4 hours

Bill will present from 1PM to 3PM MT. After that, attendees will have the following two hours to practice what they’ve learned and receive feedback from others in the WWHF conference Discord channel. The Discord small group workshop will occur from 3PM to 5PM MT.

William Stearns

Workshop Overview:

So much of your success in a technical field is tied to one question: Can you effectively share information? You have so many ways to do it – Twitter, blogs, articles, giving tech support online, writing documentation, etc. There’s one more in the corner that we don’t naturally go to: public speaking. That’s a real shame. So many of us avoid that at all costs when it’s a very positive way to teach and share enthusiasm about a topic.

This workshop is full of all the things you need to know to speak comfortably, share enthusiasm, set up effective presentations and labs, and avoid common mistakes. We’ll cover the mindset you need, the way to relate to your audience, how to handle questions, and how to prepare for common talk problems.

Bill Stearns, your speaker, will have lots of stories from his own speaking career. You’ll get to learn from his mistakes! 🙂

This course will give you the chance to get feedback on your speaking style! You’ll have a chance to talk for a few minutes and get constructive suggestions on how to improve. It’s a low-stress way to learn how to get better. If you have a presentation you’ll be giving anyways, bring it along and you can go through a short section; otherwise, we’ll have some basic slides you can work from.

If you’re not yet comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, this talk is written for you.