Workshop Schedule at a Glance

Atomic Red Team & MITRE ATT&CK

Instructors: Darin and Carrie Roberts

Wednesday September 23, 2020, at 6 PM MT
Workshop Cap: None

Atomic Red Team is an open source project that helps you measure, monitor, and improve your security controls by executing simple “atomic tests” that are mapped directly to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This workshop will provide an overview of the MITRE ATT&CK framework and give you in-depth, hands-on knowledge of how to execute atomic tests that exercise many of the techniques defined in the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Catch me if you can – Seeing the Red through the Blue Workshop

Instructors: Will Hunt and Owen Shearing

Thursday September 24, 2020, at 10 AM MT
Workshop Cap: 

This workshop will help improve both red and blue skillsets through a series of hacks, where you as an attendee will have to identify malicious activities on a series of targets.

How to Give Technical Talks

Instructor: William Stearns

Thursday September 24, 2020, at 1 PM MT
Workshop Cap:

So much of your success in a technical field is tied to one question: Can you effectively share information? You have so many ways to do it – twitter, blogs, articles, giving tech support online, writing documentation, etc. There’s one more in the corner that we don’t naturally go to; public speaking. That’s a real shame – so many of us avoid that at all costs when it’s a very positive way to teach and share enthusiasm about a topic.

Advanced Cubicles and Compromises

Instructor: Ean Meyer

Thursday September 24, 2020, at 3 PM MT
Workshop Cap: 

What makes a great tabletop exercise? Many organizations run a tabletop exercise to check a box for compliance standards, but don’t maximize the value of the time spent. Often they don’t engage the audience or force them to think enough about the problem to find areas of improvement.

Threat Hunting Using DNS

Instructor: Dr. Paul Vixie

Friday September 25, 2020, at 9 AM MT
Workshop Cap: 

Every transaction on the Internet – good or bad – uses the Domain Name System (DNS). In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, Farsight Security CEO Dr. Paul Vixie will teach the fundamental investigative techniques and methodology on how to use DNS to combat cyberattacks, from phishing to e-crime to nation-state attacks.


How to Sell Security to C-Levels

Instructor: Chris Brenton

Friday September 25, 2020, at 1 PM MT
Workshop Cap:

Given that “security” is such a vital component to an organization’s success, why do so many security leaders have trouble getting upper management to properly fund security projects? I find this tends to be a translation issue. You are trying to speak Dothraki to a bunch of Klingons. In this talk, I’ll discuss how to position security within your organization so that it’s perceived as business enablement rather than cost overhead.

Intro to Git for Security Professionals

Instructor: Ian Lee

Friday September 25, 2020, at 3 PM MT
Workshop Cap:

This workshop is to provide an overview and introduction to the version control system Git. This workshop will help provide an introduction to security professionals that may have no background in software development, that would like to start using their favorite open source tool, or even more, to find ways to contribute back.