Labs, CTF, and Escape Rooms

Labs, CTF, and Escape Rooms at a Glance

The MetaCTF team will be running the WWHF Capture the Flag (CTF) contest once again! As opposed to the stump-the-chump style events, this is a learning competition. While there will be plenty of hard problems for those looking for a challenge, the goal is for you to walk away with some new tools, techniques, and skills. Challenges will cover a number of categories including web exploitation, forensics, binary exploitation, cryptography, and maybe even some hardware hacking. It’s a team event, so make sure to get some friends together or meet some new people!

The CTF will span both days of the conference, starting after the opening keynotes and closing on Friday afternoon. The team size is up to 4 people. You will need your own laptop (may want to have a Kali virtual machine), but we will provide everything else.

The challenges will be mostly the same as those used in the WWHF San Diego CTF in Spring 2020. Participants of the San Diego CTF will not be eligible for prizes in the Deadwood CTF, but they can participate as “observer” teams if desired.

Kalebrok Escape Rooms will facilitate two virtual escape rooms for this year’s Wild West Hackin’ Fest. In a virtual context, escape rooms involve navigating a Google site and looking for clues, codes, and solutions that lead you toward the ultimate goal of “escaping.” Reaching the site’s final form signifies sweet, sweet victory.

Escape 1: Capture the Outlaws

The town has been turned upside down by a group of outlaws. As sheriff, it is your job to find the location of their hideout and bring them to justice before they leave town for good!

Escape 2: Jailbreak!

You thought you were the best outlaw out there, but you got yourself caught in the end. You have a small window of opportunity at the sheriff’s station before the sheriff comes back to take you to jail for good. Can you find a way out before she comes back? Or is this the end for you?

Some of the most memorable experiences at Wild West Hackin’ Fest conferences revolve around hands-on labs. So, how do you create a hands-on lab for a virtual conference?

Enter Rick Wisser, penetration tester at Black Hills Information Security and mastermind behind Wild West Hackin’ Fest’s Swag Bag Lab, which will ship directly to conference attendees. The Swag Bag Lab will contain hardware to play with. Attendees will use special hardware to dump firmware off of a chip and then follow clues in the firmware. At the end of the lab, several lucky attendees will discover directions on how to redeem a prize.

During the conference, you can discuss the lab with other attendees and get hints from lab staff on a Discord channel.