Fun and Games

Fun and Games Schedule at a Glance

Oh Noes! A New Approach to IR Tabletop Exercises

Brought to you by Expel
7PM-9PM MT on Wednesday (9/23)

So what’s a prepared security professional to do in absence of real incidents? Play pretend! In Oh Noes! you and your fellow players create characters with unique abilities and skills. Then, you role-play your character through various cybersecurity incidents you might experience in real life.

Along the way, you’ll roll dice, gain experience points, and increase your skills. You’ll also learn about strengths and weaknesses in an organization and get familiar with an IR plan. Join us for Oh Noes! and build muscle memory around the incident response process so that when a bad thing happens, you’ll know what to do.

Mixology – Homemade White Russians w/ John Strand

5:45PM-6PM MT on Thursday (9/24)

It’s been a great day of talks, now it’s time to relax and start the happy hour!  Join John Strand as he teaches you to make homemade White Russians right in your own kitchen.  You won’t want to miss this! Learn the story behind the drink and get the recipe here.

Competitive Backdoors & Breaches Tournament

Brought to you by Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures
6PM-8PM MT on Thursday (9/24)
2PM-4PM MT on Friday (9/25)

Play the incident response card game from Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures in an all-new, fast-paced way with Competitive Backdoors & Breaches. Though the game (card deck included in your swag bag) is originally designed to help you conduct tabletop exercises and learn about various attack tactics, tools, and methods, you will now be assigned brackets and face off solo against fellow infosec professionals.

The tournament will take place between 6PM and 8PM MT on Thursday and between 2PM and 4PM MT on Friday. Demos will be going on constantly during both days so you can learn the game beforehand. Only a limited number of people will be able to participate! Registration will be announced during the conference, and brackets will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Blue Team Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)

Brought to you by The Unicorn Company, Inc.
6PM-6:30PM MT on Thursday (9/24)
6:30PM-7PM MT on Thursday (9/24)

It’s 4:45pm in the office (remember when that was a thing?). On a Friday. Almost time for the weekend! Your mind turns to your plans. An evening of Glam hosted by Alyssa Miller tonight. Catch up on that episode of Cooking with Bryson with Dave Kennedy, you are definitely going to try to make Dave’s Famous Wings on Saturday. Then, an online Zoom meet up with friends to play Backdoors and Breaches. John Strand promised he’d be the DM! And Sunday morning, well, absolutely nothing, you plan to sleep until the afternoon.

Then the phone rings. Do you answer it?

And so begins your adventure! Blue Team CYOA is an educational, fun, and humorous opportunity to learn about different aspects of incident response where YOU choose what happens next!