Cybersecurity professionals are life-long learners. We put in our 40+ hours a week at work, but it never ends there. The field is constantly changing. Every day, something new comes out. A new exploit. A new patch. New software. A tactic that worked yesterday might no longer work today. Because of this constant state of metamorphosis, a cybersecurity pro is always studying. We are reading news articles. We are catching up on Twitter. We are working on certifications, on a CTF, or whatever it is that keeps our endorphins escalated. We never stop.

Heath Adams is a Senior Penetration Tester. He has a strong background in network administration and information security, including penetration testing, network design and implementation, and network security. Heath currently holds multiple cybersecurity related certifications, including the OSCP, OSWP, and the eWPT. Heath also proudly served as an officer in the Army Reserve. Outside of work, Heath is an online cybersecurity instructor, YouTuber, and Twitch live streamer. When Heath is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amber, and their 4 animal “children.”