This is our first webcast of the new Wild West Hackin’ Casts series, bringing you the highest-rated talks from the conferences!

Given the increasing awareness and use of the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix as a common language between Red Teams, Blue Teams, and Executives, a growing number of organizations are utilizing the framework in inappropriate ways. This talk will provide the audience with a very fast, yet very practical, overview of ATT&CK; as well as how it is being utilized well, and not-so-well, in the industry. From periodic tables to minesweeper. From CALDERA to Atomic Red Team. We will go over a list of the do’s and don’ts to get the most value from the ATT&CK Matrix.

Adam is SCYTHE’s VP of Product Management where he leads the project management, design, and quality assurance departments. Before SCYTHE, Adam defined and managed the development of enterprise security and privacy solutions with an emphasis on usable encryption at a global scale and led numerous technical integration projects with a variety of partners and services. Adam holds a Master of Science in Applied Computer Science from Southern Oregon University with a focus on computer security and encryption.