Join us at Way West Wild West Hackin’ Fest in Deadwood in September 2020:

Prominent and very wise individuals in INFOSEC have published blog posts and offered wisdom to those who seek to enter our industry. One of the best sides of our community is on display when venerable types extend a hand to the next generation. These amazing guides and collections of links and training resources can help guide many hopefuls on the path toward knowledge and perhaps their first of many rewarding jobs.

However, what if you aren’t just focusing on your first new job, but instead you want to take a broader view and help plot out your entire career? What if you don’t simply want to work for an INFOSEC business but instead you aim to run a security business? Deviant has started (and still runs) several successful security firms… and he believes there are some very specific points and considerations that don’t get brought up in the discussion. With the hope of saving countless new employees from failure and many new businesses from bankruptcy, Dev will discuss the key element that many people fail to bring to the table when starting a security career… and the secret to the success of so many INFOSEC individuals who came before us.

Deviant Ollam: While paying the bills as a security auditor and penetration testing consultant with The CORE Group, Deviant Ollam is also a member of the Board of Directors of the US division of TOOOL, The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. His books Practical Lock Picking and Keys to the Kingdom are among Syngress Publishing’s best-selling pen testing titles. In addition to being a lockpicker, Deviant is also a GSA certified safe and vault technician and inspector.

At multiple annual security conferences Deviant runs the Lockpick Village workshop area, and he has conducted physical security training sessions for Black Hat, DeepSec, ToorCon, HackCon, ShakaCon, HackInTheBox, ekoparty, AusCERT, GovCERT, CONFidence, the FBI, the NSA, DARPA, the National Defense University, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. His favorite Amendments to the US Constitution are, in no particular order, the 1st, 2nd, 9th, & 10th.