Regular Expressions, Your New Lifestyle w/ Joff Thyer

Regular Expressions, Your New Lifestyle w/ Joff Thyer
1 Session – 4-Hour Class (Pay What You Can)

Instructor: Joff Thyer

Includes: Certificate of completion

Regular expressions are universally embedded in the world of information technology. They are a part of many programming languages, databases, search engines, and command-line tools. As an information security professional, you are continuously analyzing textual data for indicators of compromise, juicy data morsels to exfiltrate, forensic artifacts, supporting evidence in threat hunting, and so much more. Facility with regular expressions is a skill, a very life-enhancing essence if you like, to take your information security analysis capabilities from “just ok” to “wizard level.” They are applicable in so many places that you really cannot afford to not have this knowledge.

Join me for a four-hour session that takes you on a journey through regular expression POSIX, BRE, ERE, and PCRE syntax and explores various tools that you probably use daily through the lens of regular expressions. Your life will be forever changed when you can apply the power of regular expressions to your professional duties.


Joff Thyer has been a penetration tester and security analyst with Black Hills Information Security since 2013. Prior to joining the InfoSec world, he had a long career in the IT industry as a systems administrator and an enterprise network architect. He has an Associate’s in Computer Science, a B.S. in Mathematics, and an M.S. in Computer Science, as well as several certifications. The best part of a penetration test for Joff is developing sophisticated malware that tackles defensive solutions, ultimately delivering exciting wins for company engagements. He has extensive experience covering intrusion prevention/detection systems, infrastructure defense, vulnerability analysis, defense bypass, source code analysis, and exploit research. When Joff isn’t working or co-hosting the Security Weekly podcast, he enjoys making music and woodworking.


Tues, October 26, 2021 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET

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Tues, December 14, 2021 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET

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