Advanced Threat Hunting Training Instructions

Hey Folks!

Below are the instructions to get you ready for the Advanced Threat Hunting Class:


Lab Downloads

The following link is a 10 GB VM which includes all of the tools you will need to do each of the labs in the advanced threat hunting course:

MD5 hash for the file: 36fafcea301ce21e28c1d41eebae09bc

username: ritabeakerlab
password: ritabeakerlab

This will download “ritabeakerlab-202008.ova”. Simply import it into your VM software of choice. The file was created with VM VirtualBox but I’ve verified that it will successfully load in VMware Workstation Player 15 as well. VMware workstation will generate an error dialog stating “Import failed because <file> did not pass OVF specification conformance”, however, if you simply click the “Retry” button VMware will successfully load it on the second try.

It would be helpful (but not required) if you made the following changes to your VM environment:
1) Enable copy/paste between host and VM
2) Permit the VM to have Internet access
3) Enable the ability to SSH to the VM

Your VM software should have support pages on how to complete each of the above steps. Again, they are not required, but they will make it easier to perform each of the labs.

Chat During Training & Webcasts

Join the Wild West Hackin’ Fest Discord server: Join Our Server!

All students of the paid class will be given a special role so they can access the private Discord channel. If you don’t have that yet, check your inbox for an email from us about it or reach out to [email protected]


All students of the paid class will be given 6-month access to the Cyber Range.