Note that volunteering is not just a free ticket to the conference. You will be expected to provide services for Wild West Hackin’ Fest staff, attendees, and speakers. You may have to work long (read, insane) hours during the conference dates.

In exchange you will get access to the crazy rodeo of WWHF like no others. You will get the satisfaction of giving back to the community and being a part of the awesomeness that is WWHF. This is not for the faint of heart.

Please copy and paste the text below and provide all the required information into the body of an email. (Only plain text emails will be accepted.)

Send this to: thedeputy at wildwesthackinfest dot com


Volunteer Application


Email address:

Phone Number:

Are you interesting in volunteering for Operations, Security, or either?

Are you a student? If so, where?

Are you employed in the IT industry? If so, where?

Are you able to work October 25? 26? 27? 28? 6am-8pm? If only partial, please be specific. Please realize that none of the staff will be sleeping all that much, this will require potentially long hours, and we need all the help we can get.

What infosec conference have you been to most recently?

Have you volunteered previously? If so when?

Why should we pick you? Please provide any skills you feel would be valuable / things that would make you a great addition to our volunteer team!

Agreement to Terms of Volunteering (please initial after each statement)

If I am selected to volunteer, I understand that I:

  1. Will be expected to be onsite and available during assigned hours.
  2. Will be expected to perform assigned task to the best of my ability.
  3. May miss significant portions of presentations depending on volunteer assignment.
  4. Am expected to be courteous and helpful to attendees, sponsors, and speakers.
  5. Will be responsible for my own expenses (including travel).
  6. Will be given a WWHF staff badge.
  7. Will have access to any amenities offered to WWHF staff.
  8. Am volunteering and will receive no compensation.
  9. Am subject to dismissal at anytime due to poor performance and any such dismissal will result in revocation of my WWHF badge.
  10. May be assigned different assignments throughout the conference as need dictates.

I, (insert your name here), have read the above and understand and agree to the terms as detailed in the Agreement to Terms of Volunteering.